What's A Poker Bad Beat Like?

Catching a bad beat in poker is the pits. And not only novices suffer from this; even pros sometimes get a poker bad beat when playing online. Most players get it without noticing it.

Playing the low stakes tables won't save us from suffering a poker bad beat. Probably we tell ourselves the low stakes games is easy enough to win because they're full of poker fish - those players that don't mind losing much by how weak they play.

We try so hard to beat the opponent. Then we wonder why within a few minutes we're bankrupt. Then we think it's just a sudden cold streak from nowhere and the next round we'd play better. We don't realize the poker bad beat has begun.

So we make one more deposit - minus the bonus - and try our luck again. Then there's the poker bad beat again - our money's gone with a sweep. And we do this again and again and the poker bad beat just keeps on happening without us knowing it.

Well, first of all, what's the difference between bad luck and a poker bad beat? Luck has to do with superstition and poker bad beat has to do with common sense and attitude. Bad luck comes and goes. But a poker bad beat is really a choice - it's there because we choose to have it.

If we see that we're having a poker bad beat, we should stop and think what we're doing wrong. A poker bad beat starts when loosing affects us emotionally and we start blaming things and others (except our play) for the "cold streak" we're having. We begin to think somebody's cheating.

Then more bad beats happen - we hit trips and think the opponent has a 2-pair. Then we see him with an inside straight draw and win at the river. Then the opponent would win with 3-of-a kind at the turn which started out as a middle pair and which the opponent bet aggressively on. Finally, we think we'd win with our K-Q with K-10-3 on the board. Then we'd be beat at the river against A-5 because of an A on the board.

Where's the poker bad beat here? It's not in the way the opponent gets so lucky but in the way we try to pursue the opponent. Our ego hurts when someone we think is a poker fish beats us. So, to beat a poker bad beat we should let go of emotions when we lose.

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What's A Poker Bad Beat Like?

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