Three Hold'em Poker Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

Instructions on how to play hold'em poker are fairly simple. But when novices actually practice it, beginner mistakes are commonly made. So, what are three typical hold'em poker beginner mistakes to avoid at the poker table?

Usually, positions can stir up slight confusion for a poker beginner. And one of the common errors made is when they're in the big blind. That is, folding their poker hand when everyone else has either folded or called the big blind - no raises, nothing. Why fold when you've already paid the required amount to see the flop?

If seeing rags for hole cards disappoint you so badly, stop for a moment and consider your position. If you're in the middle or late position, folding rather than calling the blind is a good option. But if you're the one who posted the big blind and nobody raised the stakes, just check because you've already paid for it.

Another one of these hold'em poker beginner mistakes happens post-flop. That is, folding a weak poker hand when everyone else has checked. If everyone else has checked to you after the flop, even if you have bad cards, just check too.

The only time when you should fold post-flop is when a raise is made that you can't afford to call. But if everyone else just checked, do the same and you'll see the draw for free, so to speak.

And lastly, novices have a tendency to ignore their kicker at showdown. Yes, the kicker is the deciding card that determines the winner in case of a pair, two pair, or a three-of-a-kind tie.

Let's say you're holding a queen-jack and another player has a king-jack. The board shows a three, six, nine, jack and ace. The dealer awards the pot to your opponent and you complain because you say you're tied with a pair of jacks and ace-high.

You're sorely mistaken because if you look at your best poker hand here which is a jack, jack, ace, queen, nine against your opponent's best hand of a jack, jack, ace, king, nine, you're beaten because the ace isn't the kicker here since you're tied there too. Your kicker is then the following high card which is a queen while the opponent's kicker is a king which beats your best hand.

Three hold'em poker beginner mistakes to avoid are folding when you're the big blind when everyone else just called it, folding when others have simply checked after the flop, and lastly, ignoring the kicker at showdown. Learning and avoiding these mistakes prior to sitting at an actual game are good tips that beginners should keep in mind to improve their game.

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