Texas Holdem Strategy Guide

The new player who looks for a Texas Holdem strategy guide on the Internet will come across "advanced" sites telling him to do this and to avoid that, in direct contradiction with what he has read previously. This can lead to confusion, so regardless of what you read, the following should be kept in mind.

First, it is important to become acquainted with gambling odds in Texas Holdem. This may seem like tedious work involving hours of calculating and number crunching, but there are now several books and sites dedicated to this aspect of the game.

It is true that in a Texas Holdem strategy, a great deal depends on intuition, but it is important to know your odds of getting that flush on the river when you already have the straight. Familiarity with the odds will also give you a tremendous advantage over most opponents, online or in real casinos, because most players do not pay attention to it.

What this means is that they often end up staying in a hand far longer than they should, and this will enable you to pull out more money from them.

As you play the game you will come across several players who will tell you not to play Pocket Aces, indeed, Aces paired with any offsuit number is considered a bad hand. That is not true. If you hold AA, chances are pretty good that you will get a pair on the river.

The reason this Texas Holdem strategy can work is that no one will suspect that you are playing AA, since they are usually deemed not good. Second, if no one gets anything higher than a two pair, you will win.

The same tactic can be used with face cards, but are somewhat more difficult to pull off. If you want to try it, you should do so with suited hands (i.e., King of Hearts with 5 of Hearts). This again has the advantage of surprise, allowing you to pull off bluffs, and if you are able to hang in till the river, you be able to retrieve a top pair or a flush.

If you are on a roll, you can opt to go and pay for the turn and river. Suppose you have a 78, and the flop has a A,T,2. You pay to see the turn and you get an 8. If you are holding a pair, you could end up with a set. If the board has 10,J,Q you will definitely want to see the turn or river.

The best Texas Holdem strategy guide combines intuition, playing the odds and tight aggressive play. The key here is to try out the different strategies; experiment first, be it with your friends at home or against the computer.

It is important to practice, and the more time you spend honing your craft the better and more profitable you Texas Holdem sessions will be.

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