Poker Strategy: Hand and Board Plays

A good poker strategy to master is hand play strategies coupled with flop and board plays. Hands should relate well with the cards on the board, especially what the flop shows, to form a winning hand combination. So here are some samples of hand and board poker strategy.

Any hand we have can often be worked out into something substantial with enough hand play skills. Any hand we hold can turn into the nuts, like 7c and 2d can become the nuts if the board has 77753. But basic poker strategy on hand play means the use of cards for regular hand ranking.

For instance, high pocket pairs like AA, KK, and QQ generally can function as over pairs. If we hit a set of high pocket pairs we have a very strong hand. Yet, chances are that we won't be paid off. An AA with a board A87, for instance, will leave us with no competition because no one else can have AA because 3 aces are already out of the deck. So, such hand can send players folding, leaving us with little winnings. Hence, with this hand we need good poker strategy to make our strong hand play rewarding.

Powerful unpaired cards like AK, AQ, and AJ can become top pairs with skillful hand poker strategy plus a good flop on the board. With some luck on the board we may also hit straights. However, we must bear in mind that in actual games what we often form are top pairs rather than any hand rank.

Small pocket pairs like 2-2, 3-3, or 7-7 can turn into strong or weak hands when the flop comes. Often the board would bring us cards that form either over pairs or a set. Hand poker strategy can also opt for flush draws or probably a straight, if not on the flop then at the turn or river.

With a bit of hand and board poker strategy suited connectors like 10-9 or 6-4 can become strong hands. At least, with these hands we know for certain what poker strategy we ought to do in relation to the board - we need to find a way to increase their value. But as hand ranks increase so do their risks and potentials.

Hence, poker strategy on hand and board plays is important to master to gain winning leverage at the table. Knowing what cards to connect from hand to board provides the main gist of a winning flop strategy.

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Poker Strategy: Hand and Board Plays

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