Maiden Issue Of Poker Pro Europe Hits The Market

Poker Pro Europe's maiden issue is now available at more than 8,000 retail outlets, bookstores, airports, casinos, card rooms and newsstands throughout the English-speaking parts of Europe. The magazines online counterpart was also launched Aug. 24, 2006.

The glossy 100-page magazine is scheduled to come out monthly and is available in all major casinos, cardrooms and retail outlets. For starters, total circulation of the magazine will begin at 50,000 copies monthly and is expected to have a fast growth as it is marketed aggressively on TV based subscription and branding campaign on the Sky Network in time with the first issue.

The magazine caters to poker players and fans of all ages. Poker Pro Europe will give its readers a wide array of features and columns that cover tutorials, strategy and instruction from the best players in the world. In addition, the magazine will also feature poker-related news, lifestyle features and in-depth coverage of the game's best known tournaments.

"Poker Pro Europe will be focused on the European poker scene unlike most of our competitors who only report on poker events in the United States with very little global or European content," stated Dan Jacobs, Poker Pro Europe's Publisher.

The maiden issue features a cover story on poker great Marcel Luske.

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