Poker types of playing Strategies

The loose-weak player is the characteristic novice that only plays the card. He or she over and over again calls to the river on draws and weak hands that lose most of the time. These players are a solid goldmine for professional players, but it doesn't mean they easily give up. Sometime these players would go "all the way" and would surprise you with a strong hand, but that's not always the case:

They also folds too frequently on the river when their draws haven’t hit. They don't know how to use any poker strategies, but unknowingly they offer a poker strategy to other players. Such poker strategy is clear – let others think that you're a loose-weak player, and you'll surprise them every round all over again.

But in order to efficiently use such poker strategy you must have a large initial bankroll. With the use of it you can afford to lose few rounds, thus giving a false impression of your poker skill. Use this strategy at the beginning of a poker round, but no more than 4-5 rounds since your opponents would figure you out quickly.

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