Five Most Common Player Tells in the Game

Poker tells are patterns of behavior that the players exhibit. A smart understanding of what these tells are will prove useful in tipping you off to the "hand" that they are holding.

A poker tell is based on the fundamental belief that poker players manifest instinctive displayes of social behaviour that they can't help, and which other players can take as a hint as to how they are faring in the game. Understanding these patterns of behavior during a hand will certainly help you improve your strategies, and change the outcome of your game. Here are the top five poker tells:

Checking Holecards.

When a player checks his holecards, he is checking to see if one of his cards matches the suit on the board. Players usually do this when a flop comes out all of the same suit. This may indicate that the player's cards aren't suited, and that may not have a flush. It's possible though, that they are holding a flush-draw.

Clarifying with the dealer.

Perk up your ears when someone asks questions like "My bet?", "How much does that count for me?", or "What's the bet?" These questions usually mean that the player has a strong hand and he wants to make sure that he's going to get what he is expecting to win.

Being Rude or Polite.

Rudeness or politeness can both be used as a kind of strategy to provoke you into doing something that they want you to do, and thus, turn the game in their favor. A rude poker player is most likely carrying a big hand and he wants you annoyed enough so you will be forced to call him. On the other hand, you can tell that an overly nice player who acts all polite after a bet may more likely be bluffing.

Talking smart or dumb.

You can tell that something is amiss when a poker player's conversation is confused or off-tangent. This sense of confusion means that his mind is off flying somewhere and that he is not confident in his hand. A smooth talker usually means that this player is quite secure with his hand and in all likelihood, is probably carrying a strong hand.

A Shaking Hand.

Be wary of this kind of tell. A shaky or nervous poker player usually does this when they are betting. It happens to most players who are new in the game. When you see them shaking their hand when they put their chips out, it means they are excited because something big is going to happen - it's highly likely that they have a big hand, and they feel like they've hit the jackpot.

When you're playing poker, take note of the tells your exhibiting and pay close attention to the tells your opponents are showing as well. These poker tells may spell the difference between winning or losing the game.

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