Double Bonus Poker

In a game of video poker, there is no perfect strategy to win. If the player will check options on online gaming, they will find games with higher-than-usual payouts on flushes; players then may adjust their strategy (their choice of cards to discard) to increase flush opportunities.

In the game that gives a huge bonus on four aces, players oftentimes ignore the other potential winnings to run for the jackpot.

How much can the player earn by doing such strategy adjustments? Amazingly little. The player will begin by studying expert strategy for about 9-6 Jacks or Better; the player will only earn tenths of a percent by knowing, and memorizing, all the specific cominations that go with the more complex games.

If you want to play on an expert level in video poker, this means that a full card of specific cases and a switch in strategy might help. If the player wants to minimize the "winning gap" using the Jacks Or Better strategy he must watch out in these significant areas:

Partial Flushes: In the game of Jacks or Better, the four card flushes are still good hands to try and complete (you need five, of course). In Double Bonus Poker, the flushes payout is 7 to 1. Let us say that a player is dealt a hand with a 10, 8, and a 5 of hearts, and then comes along a 9 of spades and a 2 of diamonds. In Jacks or Better, the player is better off discarding everything, and hope that something new will come out on the next draw.

This is now a tricky decision that comes with four parts of a flush and a high pair; Our example is the Ace-King-Jack-8 of diamonds with another Jack (let's say, spades). In Jacks or Better the player can keep the pair of Jacks; this is for the sure payout. You have to choose between a small, but, sure winner, or shoot for the better payoff by trying to get another diamond.

Partial Straights: The inside straight can be shot for if there are at least three higher cards available. The straight will go up to a payout of 5-for-1; this makes an inside selection worth the while to attempt. Double bonus will select the hands with 9-8-7-5 or even Jack-9-8-7.

Aces: The Four Aces machine brings the possibility of an 800 coin jackpot. The jackpot can make the player's time worthwhile.

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